Here's a simple way to make a difference - 

in the time it takes to download a web page and click a button you can help make the world a better place.  

It only takes a few minutes and costs  nothing!


This is my favorite web site for making a difference. There are a number of causes to choose from, or click them all! ( I do.) Even sending an e-card helps plant trees. This site does make use of  pop-ups to encourage signing petitions, but I don't mind, I even sign many!


The Hunger Site:

This is my second favorite web site for making a difference. The click-to-donates are fast and easy, so click them all. This site also includes web stores full of amazing stuff  which help to raise funds. Many items for sale are fair trade! There are also petitions if you want to do more, and e-cards to help raise awareness.


Red Jellyfish:

 This is another excellent web site for making a difference. I took you straight to the click-to-donate page, but it may be worth taking time to investigate the whole web site more fully. (Of course that is also true of the previous two web sites mentioned on this page.) They sell an amzing variety of lovely art and posters which helps support worthy causes. They also have activities, fun stuff, and e-cards.


I have actually added all of these web sites to my internet home pages. The first web site can take maybe 5-10 minutes to click all the donation buttons, and it may  take twice that to click ALL the donation buttons on ALL three web sites ... but  I see it as time well spent. It is an easy way to help raise funds for some worthy causes.





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The choice to work for a better world in even a small way will help make your world better in surprising ways.

Start by sharing a genuine smile... it will make a difference for everyone you meet :D

Or  just do one small kindness - even small acts of kindness can make huge differences !! 

CAUTION: these actions may become addictive and have ripple effects well beyond your expectations or awareness!


Go ahead and let your inner child out to play!! 

You know you want to pop the bubbles... go for it, it's a nice stress reducer.

In fact, save the bubble wrap from your packages and pop it next time you're feeling frustrated!



Click on the fish to make them jump :) 


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