Breathe In.  Breathe Out.  Relax. 

BE in the PRESENT.

These days we're so busy we barely have time to collect our thoughts. 

We forget to be human; to check in with ourselves;  to connect with others. 

We often feel isolated as we go about our daily routines. 

Yet something as simple as  TRULY listening to others can be very affirming and make us feel heard as well! 

Just sharing a smile or kind word is a enough to feel human in an overwhelming world. 

Reach out, and I'll be here...

12 noon   -   8:00 pm eastern

most days, barring computer failure, or intrusions from a busy world :0

If you find I'm not here, don't worry... I'll be back as soon as I can. I know you're waiting anxiously!

Please send a brief message on the instant messenger on the first page stating which service you'd like and the best time and way to reach you so I can get back with you to set up your session. 

Or if you prefer, contact me via email (although I get my email infrequently).

Or use the web assist operator link below or on the first page to leave a message.  


Then visit my face book page for some uplifting and encouraging thoughts to tide you over until I'm available to listen and be with you.

Please Note: This is NOT a substitute for professional help.

It is merely an opportunity to be heard by a compassionate person willing to be present and listen. 





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