Words Have Power.
Listening with a Caring Heart has More.

 I'm not offering to solve your problems. I am offering to be wholly present. To listen attentively.  I am offering a place where your feelings and your right to those feelings is acknowledged. 

My intent is to give you an opportunity to feel connected - if only briefly. I am giving you an opportunity to voice your thoughts,  feelings,  frustrations, or difficulties in a confidential, caring, nonjudgmental environment.

It is my hope that you will feel less isolated. I intend to allow you to give voice to your thoughts in your own words.  It may be that this will lessen the intensity of your feelings and allow you to be more receptive to reaching out to others for help. Maybe you will end up in a place that allows for thoughtful reflection that will help you find your own solutions. It is possible you may simply find yourself in a state of quiet acceptance having had the opportunity to talk things through.

It is likely that you will merely get a chance to kvetch, vent, rant, and share in a neutral environment. You may want a pillow to to punch, squish, or hug to enhance your experience.

Welcome to Caring Thoughts Relief Spa where good thoughts come your way.

For more information about Caring Thoughts Relief Spa and my intent, please click the green tabs at the top of this page for links to the About Us / Making A Difference / Guest Book pages.

And in case you're wondering, I am a real person, and I am really here to listen to you.

If you find I'm not here at the moment you need me, I apologize, and hope you will send a message to me using the instant messenger below stating which service you want, and when and how best to reach you ( instant messenger,  text or email) in order to schedule a time to meet together on Caring Thoughts Relief Spa web site for your session. 

Thank you. I look forward to hearing you.

 WARNING: This is NOT a substitute for professional help. It is merely an opportunity to be heard by sympathetic ears belonging to a caring person.



Please Note:

every session is private and confidential and you ARE interacting with a live human being and not a computer or recording.  These sessions are not recorded in any way by Caring Thoughts Relief Spa.





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$20 ... 24 hours of  good thoughts, intentions, & blessings coming your way 

$5 ... 15 MINUTES of being heard and listened to attentively in a caring, confidential, private environment

$20 ... 1 HOUR of being heard and listened to attentively in a caring, confidential, private environment

$15 ...Oops,  needed a full hour!  45 additional minutes of being heard, and listened to attentively in a caring, confidential, private environment



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